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Today we're excited to release PyWren version 0.3. This release contains a number of important bug fixes, as we move towards some exciting new capabilities in 0.4.

The latest version is installable via:

pip install --upgrade pywren

And remember to redeploy your pywren function to AWS with

pywren deploy_lambda

Major Changes

  • switched to using region-specific runtimes with sharding
  • refactored storage API for future support of other cloud providers
  • support for python 3.4
  • better error handling
  • Developer stuff: APL2 license, using pylint on commit.

Closed issues:

  • Test Function doesn't parse command-line config #166
  • Error with None result #183
  • Create max list seatbelt #176
  • Make ALL_COMPLETED, ANY_COMPLETED, and ALWAYS available without having to specifically import #174
  • Generic Release clean-up #171
  • Change default runtime URLS to be region-specific #164
  • config files manually loaded must be patched with storage config #162
  • Straggler due to list-after-write consistency #160
  • Do not proceed with travis build if pylint fails. #157
  • I can't run test function #156
  • Describe .pywren_config in "getting started" #134
  • Mapping over an empty list should return an empty list #129
  • Create License File #116
  • Refactor storage APIs #108
  • Too big of runtime #105
  • Update getting started webpage on the interactive script #103
  • Have check for supported python versions #101
  • Support 3.4 runtime (and others) #95
  • Migrate travis script to using sec-since-epoch as GUID #91
  • Consider using boto3 s3 transfer interface #23
  • ImportError: No module named 'wren' #19

Merged pull requests: