Today we're excited to release PyWren version 0.2. This release contains a number of important bug fixes, as well as a new getting started script.

Getting Started

We'd like for PyWren to be as easy to use as possible, so we have put together a new getting started script for new users. Simply run


and follow the prompts!

See more in our getting started section

Notable bug fixes and improvements behind the scenes

  • We reorganized the PyWren code internally to make it easier to understand and extend.
  • We fixed a number of serialization bugs so that it's easier to use PyWren from IPython and with Numba

List of issues fixed

  • [98] When creating the lambda we indiscriminately upload too much
  • [86] Standardize configuration for executors
  • [83] pywren not working for numba functions in 0.1 due to module serialization weirdness serialization
  • [82] pywren not respecting non UTF-8 encoding (if coding is provided at top of file) serialization
  • [79] Only *.py in modules are uploaded serialization
  • [78] Handle exception pickling serialization
  • [77] Capture exception traceback from remote
  • [75] Turn on runtime sharding by default
  • [60] Why do we use multiprocess instead of multiprocessing
  • [59] Generic refactor / split / run pyflakes
  • [55] Testing for
  • [44] Better synchronization of runtime information with local client serialization
  • [35] Create S3 bucket if it doesn't exist
  • [27] Add documentation on permissions
  • [18] Fix directories so that the conda command-line utils have right path
  • [16] Create interactive getting started script